Prices – Customising

For more information on how the customising and matching works and why you might need it have a look at the Customising page and the FAQs.

Note: Costs below include all materials for the customising and matching but do not include the cost of replacement grommet strips, grips or stringing. Usually customising and matching will be carried out on unstrung frames so re-stringing will be required afterwards. Depending on the level of customising discounts may be available on the stringing. Please ask for more details.

Initial Advice & Assessment
Get in touch for a free assessment of your racquets. We can check your racquets and give expert advice and how to get the most out of your equipment and playing style.
Customising frames
Your racquet(s) will be customised to better suit your playing style. This will be done in several stages allowing you to test and tweak the set up.
£15 - £25 / frame
Matching frames
We will take 2 or more of your racquets and match the specs to within 0.1g static weight, 1kg/ Swingweight and 0.1cm balance. Note that in some circumstances this may not be possible but if that is the case we will advise you beforehand of what can / can't be achieved.
£15 - £25 / frame