Racquet Customising

What is customisation?

Racquet customising falls into 2 areas:

  1. Matching the specifications of 2 or more racquets
  2. Adjusting a racquet to fit a players style or requirements

There are 3 specifications of a racquet which can be changed:

  1. Weight – simply the weight of the racquet
  2. Balance – the balance point of the racquet (headlight / headheavy)
  3. Swingweight – the measurement of the racquet when swung


Racquet Matching

If you have 2 or more of the same racquets did you know that they are not identical?  Racquets are manufactured with an acceptable range of + or – 7g.  This means that 2 rackets could be as much at 14g different.  This also means the balance and swingweight will vary as well & they will play very differently.  If you break a string at a key point in a match you need to be able to rely on your racquets playing exactly the same.  This is what we can provide.

This service is particularly relevant for tournament level players who travel with 2 or more frames.  However any club player with 2 or more racquets can benefit from having their racquets matched.

We can also match as closely as possible 2 completely different frames. So if you have an old racquet you like and want your new racquet to be more like the old one get in touch!

Racquet Customising

By placing weights at certain points on the racquet we can change how the racquet plays in order to better suit a particular player or a  playing style.  This could be the extra edge that you have been missing in your game.  We will work with you to help get your racquets feeling and playing exactly how you like them.

Some examples of the customisations we can carry out include:

  • Make a racquet more stable
  • Make a racquet more head heavy to give more power
  • Make a racquet more head light to aid manoeuvrability
  • Make a racquet heavier but maintain the current balance

Why not get in touch and see what we can do for your game!

Interested in Customisation?

Customising Guide

What does customisation cost?

Customisation costs from £15 / racquet.  This includes all measurements and equipment including lead tape and weights but does not include grommet strips or grips if required.  Once your racquets have been customised the first time minor adjustments and replacements will be made free of charge when being restrung. Player packages are also available. Click here for more details on prices. 

Should my racquets be strung before customising?

Ideally customisation will be carried out on unstrung frames with no grips.  Especially when matching 2 or more frames as the stripped down frames will be more accurate to work with.  This also may allow the weights to be placed below the grommet strips out of sight which many people prefer.  However this may require new grommet strips to be installed unless they are brand new frames.

If necessary however we can customise and work with frames without removing the strings first. 

Why are my 2 idential models of racquets not already identical?

Most people expect their racquets to be exactly the same if buying 2 or more of the same racquet.  However manufacturing of the racquets includes an acceptable range of usually + or – 7g weight.  This means that 2 identical models of the same racquet could be as much as 14g different.  However even if the static weight isn’t all that much different – the swingweight and/or the balance could still vary quite significantly and this will affect how they play.

Can you change the handle sizes?

We can easily increase the handle sizes of any frame using heat shrink sleeves which maintains the shape of the racquet.  Many people will tend to apply 2 or 3 full grips on top of each others but this makes the handle much rounder than it should be. 

With some manufactures we can also change the grip pallet to adjust the size of the handle up or down. 

How often do I need to customise my racquets?

Once you have the specifications you want we will have a record of it and every time you get your racquet restrung we will check the customisations and replace any weights if necessary without charge.  The only need for further cost will be if you purchase additional frames or change racquets. 

It may take a bit of trial and error for you to find the exact specifications you want and we will work with you on this.  Once you have it though that’s it.  Unlike stringing there is no need to get your frames fully customised every month or 2.  We will just check them when they are getting restrung.

How long will it take?

We aim to have racquets customised and ready for collection within 48 hours however some jobs may require a bit more time – particularly if we have to order in grommet strips or if there are more than 2 or 3 frames to work on. 

If you are working to a deadline for a tournament or a trip however we will always aim to have your racquets ready when needed.


Player Packages

Discounted player packages are available for players competing at a Naional or International level. Please contact us for details.


Unbeatable service

We provide an all round service which is unbeatable – from cleaning the frames to stencilling and presenting the finished job just like the pros!



With over 16 years experience we can give you expert advice on every aspect of your racquets from purchase to stringing and customising.